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Indigenous Organisations

In the contemporary era, the development of a robust and sustainable ‘Indigenous economy’ is essential for realising self-determining futures and facilitating sustainable and independent communities. In line with the principle of self-determination, more indigenous groups than ever are seeking to establish commercial solutions that encourage indigenous empowerment in the promotion of wellbeing, prosperity, success and intergenerational wealth creation. At Moore Australia we seek to support indigenous groups to achieve these outcomes through the provision of services that are respectful, sensitive, inclusive and collaborative.

Having worked in the indigenous sector for over 20 years we have accumulated an unparalleled depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in collaborating with indigenous parties to effectively manage, govern and deliver commercial strategies for their clients and communities.
We work with:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities who seek advice, strategy development and support in helping to realise the commercial and community potential of indigenous policies, programs, projects, organisations and businesses.
  • Corporate clients who want to include more Indigenous people and businesses in their workforces and supply chains. Our aim is to enable greater economic participation, employment and wealth creation by boosting indigenous workforce participation, procurement and supply chain diversity.
Our team also helps corporates to understand the key components and the principles underpinning the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Procurement Policy and help effectively source Indigenous suppliers.

How we help:

Indigenous enterprise development
  • Identification and translation of potential business opportunities
  • Business mentoring – strategic planning, performance reviews and health checks
  • Investment strategy development, execution and assurance
  • Market analysis and feasibility assessments
  • Tax, accounting and reporting
  • Transaction and entity structuring advice

Governance and community strengthening
  • Engagement and consultation
  • Dispute resolution and negotiations
  • Organisational development
  • Strategy and planning
  • Grants and funding
  • Heritage management

Inclusion strategies for business and government
  • Employment and retention program design and evaluation
  • Cultural competency programs and supplier diversity/procurement strategies
  • Indigenous economic development strategies