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Performance Audits

At Moore Australia, we provide comprehensive independent performance audits that assess the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.
Globalisation, decentralisation and outsourcing are some of the forces driving significant growth in performance auditing. With organisations under pressure to be more competitive, do more with less and drive cost out of their operations, they’re increasingly looking to independent auditors to evaluate their performance against the objectives of efficiency, effectiveness and cost.
At Moore Australia, we provide a thorough independent assessment of whether your organisation – or specific teams or functions within it – is working as intended to meet your objectives. The outcome of the performance audit process is objective, actionable data and insights that can be used to identify continuous improvement opportunities, reduce costs and drive better performance.
We work with public and private sector clients to deliver holistic performance audits that go beyond validating the effectiveness and compliance of internal controls, considering aspects as varied as leadership, communication, information management and resourcing.