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Running a charity comes with its own unique set of challenges; no longer do charities have to solely focus on fundraising, attracting supporters and influencers but they have a wide range of responsibilities to be a registered charity. Holding charities accountable for expenditure of money that has been fundraised is part of the new way for not-for-profit and that is by the public and the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Changes in regulations, the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and increasing demands for governance, accountability, transparency and risk management all form challenges for charities to keep up with. Remaining abreast of trends is crucial for not-for-profit organisations as they need to ensure they are compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements and additionally need to keep track of their expenditure as a business would.

As not-for-profit experts in the field, Moore Australia's specialised team have a long-standing commitment to helping charities flourish and thrive in the face of challenges. We support more than three hundred charities, foundations, community agencies, religious not-for-profit organisations and educational institutions.

Moore Australia’s professionals are more than accounting and finance experts; we support not-for-profit in a variety of ways including delivering advice on tackling challenges and issues you may face as a charity and the viable and feasible options and solutions to resolve matters equitably and reasonably.