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Financial Due Dilligence

At Moore Australia, we provide comprehensive due diligence services that allow you to make informed decisions and mitigate risk.  
Financial due diligence is an essential part of smart transaction planning. If you’re seeking to acquire, invest in or merge with a business, it’s critical to have a detailed understanding of that business before making any decisions. The outcome of the due diligence process provides insight into the best way to structure the transaction to ensure the best outcome and manage risk, and can  impact the price you’re prepared to pay and the timing of those payments.
At Moore Australia, we work in collaboration with you and your team to help minimise the likelihood of unwanted surprises once your transaction is complete. We take a hands-on approach to examining your potential acquisition target thoroughly, ensuring any risks and issues are identified early. We’re experts at making sense of disorganised or incomplete records and guiding you through the due diligence process with an unwavering focus on getting the deal done.
For us, it’s not just about ‘running the numbers’ – we want you to have peace of mind that your investment rationale is robust and you have answers to the difficult questions. Our holistic focus allows us to provide pragmatic and commercially-driven insights, while the depth of our team allows us to offer valued advice from sector experts and specialist disciplines such as tax and financial reporting.
You’ll also have access to international corporate finance specialists from our vast global network which has offices in over 100 countries.