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Data and Analytics Audit

At Moore Australia, we help you to realise the untapped potential of the data your organisation collects to reduce risk and drive continuous improvement.
As technology infiltrates every part of our lives, businesses are grappling with an explosion of data. Companies are collecting and managing more customer information than ever before and generating a vast amount of data internally. While data is undoubtedly a valuable asset, many organisations struggle with unlocking the power of their data to identify risk, deliver actionable insights and drive growth.
At Moore Australia, we work with you to realise the value of your data and generate insights to power your business’s success. Using advanced data analytics techniques, we’ll dig deep into your data to help you identify areas of existing and potential risk. From here, we’ll help you to create practical, commercially-focused approaches to reduce risk across your operations. These insights also provide value throughout the audit process – from audit planning to corroborating financial statements and other findings.
Your data provides valuable insight into the processes used across your organisation. We partner with you to analyse the flow of data in your business and create dashboards to communicate your performance, areas for improvement and potential opportunities to optimise the way you work.
Businesses that know how to use their data strategically are at a significant competitive advantage. Our data analytics knowledge and commercial experience allow us to challenge what’s possible and create tools and models that put advanced and actionable business analytics at your fingertips.